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Effect of compound Danshen injection on concentration of plasma lysophosphatidic acid in children with viral encephalitis and its significance
WANG Yun [2015, 7(5): 450-450.] (1473)
Clinical study on treatment for malocclusion during primary dentition with INFANT TRAINER
YU Peng [2015, 7(5): 478-478.] (1151)
Analysis of the death cause in congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis
ZOU Chanjuan,LI Bixiang,ZHOU Chonggao,WANG Haiyang,XU Guang,XIA Renpeng [2015, 7(5): 443-443.] (1085)
Observation on the results of comprehensive nursing intervention in autumn diarrhea in infants and young children
WANG Hongling [2015, 7(5): 537-537.] (1070)
Effect observation of large-dose vitamin C in treating acute glomerulonephritis in children
WANG Yong, FANG Hongxing, SUN Yajun, LIU Huimin [2015, 7(5): 453-453.] (977)
Experience in treating pediatric diseases by Siya Sanxian decoction
LIU Shangjian, ZHOU Yuanhang, CAI Jiang, XU Rongqian [2015, 7(5): 511-511.] (860)
Xiaoqinglong decoction in the treatment of infant wheezing:a clinical observation
LI Xin,HE Weijia,XIANG Hong,YANG Kun [2015, 7(5): 468-468.] (750)
Clonazepam for intramuscular injection and enema in the treatment of infantile convulsion:curative effect observation
HUANG Ling [2015, 7(5): 448-448.] (725)
Clinical research in Saccharomyces boulardii to prevent secondary diarrhea after surgical reduction for intussusception
WEN Haitao [2015, 7(5): 483-483.] (554)
Evaluation of the recovery results and diagnosis of growth retardation in children
MA Hongwei [2015, 7(5): 417-417.] (550)
Clinical significance of D-dimer and antithrombin detection in children with nephrotic syndrome
WANG Xuesheng [2015, 7(5): 500-500.] (459)
Research on the correlation of childhood obesity with weight gain during pregnancy and infant feeding modes
YOU Cheng, ZHAO Sha, DING Dawei, CHEN Yu [2015, 7(5): 491-491.] (458)
Study on the present situation of safe medication and countermeasures in paediatric department
LIU Ying [2015, 7(5): 517-517.] (455)
The diagnostic value of brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) in infants with severe pneumonia complicated with heart failure
HE Leifeng, YANG Ying, LIU Zhongqi, TAN Runguo, WANG Jinghui, DU Qiuping, CHEN Xianghong [2015, 7(5): 497-497.] (451)
Treatment for children with diarrhea (spleen deficiency diarrhea):an experience discussion
LIANG Shanshan,SUN Liping [2015, 7(5): 506-506.] (442)
Assessment and diagnosis of global developmental delay
LI Runjie,WANG Chun [2015, 7(5): 423-423.] (439)
Analysis of the neonatal death between transport and non-transport from 2004 to 2011 in a hospital
HUANG Tai, WU Mingfu, FU Mingfeng, LIU Feng, WANG Fei,WANG Fudong,YU Chun, CHEN Yuying [2015, 7(5): 465-465.] (435)
Diagnosis and treatment thoughts and intervention misunderstanding of infantile developmental retardation
SONG Hujie,WANG Hui,REN Yongjia,LI Fangfang [2015, 7(5): 420-420.] (433)
Retrospective analysis of 55 cases of Epstein-Barr virus-associated infectious mononucleosis
WANG Yunli,XUE Janfang [2015, 7(5): 481-481.] (432)
Observation of curative effect on children with pneumonia using adjuvant traditional Chinese medicine orientation osmotherapy combined with multifrequency vibration meter
ZHANG Fang,WANG Yanwei,LIN Zhihong,XU Fang,NING Min,TAO Xiaoge [2015, 7(5): 428-428.] (431)
Analysis of the experience in treating the children with acute tonsillitis by Zilou decoction
LIU Zhimei,SUN Liping,ZHUANG Shiwei [2015, 7(5): 515-515.] (429)
Significance of serum procalcitonin in guiding the use of antibiotics in the early treatment for febrile disease in children
SA Rina, WANG Aiqiong [2015, 7(5): 433-433.] (424)
Experience analysis in treating nightcry of heart-spleen heat type
WANG Ying, SUN Liping [2015, 7(5): 502-502.] (422)
Observation on the effect of combination treatment with traditional Chinese medicine and ganciclovir for human cytomegalovirus pneumonia in children
ZHAO Jianling,TAO Fenggui,ZHOU Huiping [2015, 7(5): 445-445.] (416)
Investigation and analysis of the follow-up compliance in parents of high-risk children
WANG Jianzhong,LUO Ying, WANG Lili,GONG Jianfang [2015, 7(5): 522-522.] (415)
Influence of nursing intervention by healthcare nurse for mother and child in perinatal period on the development of babies
LI Jingjing,XU Yaping [2015, 7(5): 527-527.] (412)
Experience on the treatment for infantile attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder by Chinese medicine
DING Lizhong,LI Chunjuan, JIN Dongming [2015, 7(5): 504-504.] (409)
Application of infantile Chiqiao Qingre granule combined with compound Hibiscus mutabilis ointment in the treatment of children with wind-heat cold: a clinical observation of 40 cases
YANG Kun [2015, 7(5): 486-486.] (409)
Diagnostic value of ultrasonography in 36 cases of congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis in children
YU Bing [2015, 7(5): 440-440.] (408)
Observation on the curative effect of budesonide combined with compound ipratropium bromide aerosol inhalation in the treatment of mycoplasma pneumonia in children
LI Ling [2015, 7(5): 463-463.] (406)
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